Dachshund Gifts for Dog Lovers!

Whether you say dachshund, sausage dog, doxie, or weiner dog… these adorable hot dog shaped pooches are one of the most beloved dog breeds around, and there’s no lack of awesome dachshund merchandise made just for you.

We found some of the best unique dog gifts out there, that would make excellent presents for dachshund dog lovers on any occasions. Check out these dachshund gifts on Amazon (fast shipping!) that are sure to make the pet lover in your life smile.

Dachshund office supplies

Dachshund letter holder
Dachshund Letter organizer (porcelain)

Dachshund tape dispenser / paper clip holder

Dachshund paper clicps

Dachshund bookeneds


Weiner Dog Accessories

Dachshund iPhone case

Dachshund iPhone case

Large Doxie golf umbrella

Dachshund key chain (pewter metal)

Dachshund-shaped ice cube tray

Dachshund cookie cutter

Dachshund Clothes

Cute Dachshund socks

Weiner dog socks

All the ladies love my weiner T-shirt

Hipster Dachshund tshirt

Stubborn Dachshund Tricks T-shirt

Dachshund Toys

LEGO Dachshund kit (118 pieces)

Stuffed animal Dashchund (dark brown)

Stuffed Daschund (light brown)

Black and tan daschund stuffed animal

Weiner dog playing cards


Dachshund Coffee Mugs

It’s been a long day” Dachschund mug

Dachschund mug

Multicolor dachshund mug

I like your weiner mug

Weiner Dog Art

Picasso Dachshund poster
Picasso weiner dog poster (20 x 16)

Dachshund skateboard poster

Dachshund Wine Company poster

Dachshund Beer Artwork

Thanks for reading, we hope these sausage dog gifts give you great ideas for the animal lover in your life.