The Foster Dog we Almost Kept – Sagey the Dachshund mix

Sagey was one of our favorite foster dogs! In the time we took care of him we found him to be a very friendly and cuddly dog that was joy to be around. However, he wasn’t always this way.

Sagey was found on a ranch with a pack of other wild Dachshunds. When we got him from Austin Pets Alive! he was initially extremely scared. The first night in my apartment, he stood completely still in one spot for almost 3 hours. As the days went by, he became a more social dog but it took him almost two weeks to fully warm up to us.

He got the name Sagey for two reasons. First of all, he looks like a sausage so we started calling him “sausagey”. Also, the name of the community I live in is ‘The Sage’, so Sagey was the name that stuck.

Over the month that we had him, I grew pretty attached to him – I loved how he liked to play and run in the back yard, and he was always on the sofa next to me when I worked from home. He was also a funny dog, often hiding under the bed and only sticking his nose out from the bed skirt. He liked to keep a collection of stuffed animals and shoes under the bed, but he never chewed any of them up.

I liked Sagey so much that I gave serious thought to adopting him permenently. However, I finally decided that I wasn’t and still might not be ready for full-time dog ownership, and we can affect more dog’s lives through fostering!

Thanks for reading – Hope you enjoyed this first post about Sagey!


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